Dick Strawbridge Net Worth: 5 Interesting Facts You Should Know

Dick Strawbridge Net Worth

Richard Francis Strawbridge professionally known as Dick Strawbridge is an English engineer, Television presenter and environmentalist. He is known for appearing in several TV shows like It’s Not Easy Being Green and Planet Mechanics.

Here are five interesting facts about Dick Strawbridge including his net worth, career, wife and many more.

1. Dick Strawbridge net worth is estimated to be $1 million.

Dick Strawbridge net worth (exact) may not be available to us but it is estimated that he has earned more than $1 million in his entire career. According to dailymail in 2016, Dick and his wife sold their two-bedroom flat in London for an amount of 300,000 pounds.

After that, they bought a new home worth 280,000 pounds in Pays de la Loire, France which consists of 47 rooms, 5 floors, a private forest and a moat. Looks like Dick Strawbridge made a magnificent bargain and a deal. Apart from that his additional net worth comes from presenting TV shows like Ready Steady Cook, Planet Mechanics, Trainspotting Live and many more.

2. Dick was Lieutenant-Captain in British Army.

Born on September 3, 1959 as the third of seven children Dick was raised and educated in Northern Ireland. He went to Ballyclare High School and after that he received a commission in the British Army in 1979. He became the member of Army after attending the Welbeck DSFC.

In 1980, he joined the Royal Corps of Signals and was promoted to Lieutenant a year later. He became Captain in October 1985 and then Major in September 1991. Due to his contribution, he was awarded MBE in 1993 for his service in Northern Ireland. In November 2001, he retired from the army.

3. He started his Television career after leaving the army.

After retiring from the army, he appeared as an engineering and environmental expert on various television programmes including Scrapheap Challenge. He also appeared on the team of Brother in Arms where he would later become the presenter of the show replacing Robert Llewllyn.

It was just the start of his television career as he appeared on several programs like Yellow Team Leader, Scrapheap Challenge, Junkyard Wars. Strawbridge and his family filmed three series of “It’s Not Easy Being Green”. In 2006, he presented BBC2 series “Coast” where he examined the workings of Middleborough Transporter Bridge.

4. His other Television appearances.

In-addition to his TV shows, he has also appeared on other programs like Big Idea, The Re-Inventors, Ready Steady Cook and Carpool. Strawbridge currently presents “Planet Mechanics” on the National Geographic Channel. In 2010, he also appeared in Celebrity Masterchef where he reached the final.He has also presented shows like Beat the Ancestors, Trainspotting Live, Cabins in the Wild and The Biggest Little Railway in the World.

5. Dick Strawbridge is married twice.

He was married to Brigit Strawbridge. Together, they have two children named James and Charlotte Strawbridge. However, in 2010 they got separated. In 2015, he then married to Angel Adoree who is the founder of the Vintage Patisserie. With Angel, he also has two children named Arthur and Dorothy.


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