DC Young Fly Net Worth 2018: 5 Facts You Should Know

DC Young Fly Net Worth

John Whitfield known by his stage name as DC Young Fly is an American rapper, comedian, singer and actor. He first came to spotlight via video sharing platform Vine. He also frequently appears on MTV’s “Wild’ n Out”.

Here are some interesting facts about DC Young fly including his net worth, career, wife and more.

1. DC Young Fly net worth is estimated to be $500,000.

According to Gazette Review, DC Young Fly net worth in 2018 is $500,000 which seems legit. He started his career uploading videos roasting popular celebrities like Kevin Hart, LeBron James and many more. After Vine was shut down, he then switched his career to comedy and rapping.

His financial earnings come from being as a comedian during his early part of his career. He also gets fair share of money by making regular appearances on Nick Cannon’s show “Wild’ n Out”. Apart from comedy and rapping he also has huge Instagram followers. With more than 6 million followers, Whitfeld can get huge money from endorsing popular brands. With his earnings, he owns a Mercedes-Benz cars including 4-wheel SUV.

2. His stage name originated from his love of DC Comics.

John Whitfeld which is his actual real name was born on May 2, 1992 in Atlanta, Georgia. He was raised in the Admasville neighborhood. He went to Benjamin E. Mays High school in Georgia and then graduated from Armstrong State University.

Growing up, he lived in a dangerous neighborhood and soon joined teens on the street listening to music, rapping and involving into criminal activities. His stage name DC young fly came from the love of his favorite comics, DC Comics. As a child he used to enjoy reading about everytime including the time going to the bathroom.

3. He took rapping serious after his brother was killed in 2011.

Growing up in a dangerous community, DC Young Fly was very much involved in gangs and other criminal activities. As a part of gangs, he was stabbed and beaten few times, and one of his brother almost died of stabbing.

In 2011, his older brother was killed after his gang fight. After seeing that horrifying incident, he decided to quit gang and turn his life around by focusing on music. He also has Da Crew tattoo on his forehead in his brother’s memory.

4. He started his career with Vine.

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Whitfeld started his career in 2013 making Vine videos of himself, roasting famous people like Kevin Hart, LeBron James, Drake, Meek Mill and several others. One of his popular video on YouTube roasting Michael Blackson was watched over a million times in a single week.

After that, he released a mixtape titled “Supplyin’ Pressure” and “Fly Allegiance” a year later. His mixtape featured several artists like Young Dolph, Skypad, Quintez and Fetty Wap. In 2017, he released the album “If You Didn’t Know Me”. It consists of popular hits like FawwwkUMean, Never Thought and Def Know.

Apart from that he is also known for his frequent appearances in MTV’s show “Wild’N Out”. He was named the Rookie of the year following his brilliant first season. DC Young Fly and Karlous Miller also hosts a podcast named “85 South Show” where they discuss about episodes of comedian genre. He has also appeared in comedy movie “Almost Christmas”.

5. He is married and has one daughter.

DC Young Fly is married to a girl named Jacky Oh. She is a model, actress and a former Wild N’ Out girl. Jacky Oh and Young were in a long time relationship before they got married. He is now a proud father to a girl named Nove Whitfield. She is now¬† 2 years old.

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